Quatermass and the pits 

20 December 2015 tbs.pm/8232


BBC Four via Dirty Feed

Over on Dirty Feed, John Hoare has taken the time and made the effort to see what was different between the famed 2005 live production of The Quatermass Experiment and the DVD release of the programme. And the answer?

The version of the programme on DVD is not what audiences saw live on the 2nd April. It is, in fact, an entirely different edit. If you’re familiar with the programme, perhaps you’ve heard that one scene was replaced with a version from the rehearsal due to an actor drying, or that an off-screen crash was trimmed. Both are true; however, this is far from the full story. The programme was extensively re-cut, with many changes made across the entire programme.

This is a travesty and John dissects it expertly in his article. Go read it and be prepared to be shocked.

The Quatermass Experiment’ Experiment [Dirty Feed/John Hoare]

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