18 December 2015


Network Distribution

Network Distribution, the archive television programme publishers, have announced some of their releases for 2016. They’ve signed a new deal with Fremantle, the owners of the Thames Television archive, so the main thing to expect is lots of Thames goodies, including, wonderfully, The Kenny Everett Video Show on DVD.

This new deal will see us releasing brand-new versions of Minder, Rumpole of the Bailey, The World at War, Reilly – Ace of Spies, The Kenny Everett Video Show and many more. We will also be delving yet further into the Fremantle archives to bring never-before-released titles to your home, as well as continuing releases of current hits including QI, Birds of a Feather, Cuckoo, Great British Railway Journeys and Trollied.

2016 Announcement [Network Distribution, via David L Barratt]

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