Wales in the Eighties 

3 December 2015

Matt Rosser/BBC Wales

Matt Rosser/BBC Wales

BBC Wales is currently running a series about the principality’s struggles through the 1980s – a decade that saw the heavy industry that the nation depended on replaced by unemployment and urban decay.

The 15 December edition looks, amongst much else, at the launch of S4C and the effect the new channel had on the nation’s culture:

In 1982 S4C was created and kick-started a vibrant independent production industry in Wales. One of the most successful programmes was animated children’s TV show Superted, which saw success outside of Wales too.

Some Welsh language activists campaigned against immigration from England and a few took campaigning to a whole new level by burning holiday homes. Mike Peters, frontman of Rhyl band The Alarm, spoke out against the arson campaign fearing it would result in the loss of life.

The programme is on 15 December at 10.35pm on BBC One Wales (1/101 in Wales, Freesat 964/Sky 952/Virgin 864 in the rest of the UK) and on the BBC iPlayer. Previous episodes are already on iPlayer.

Nations Programme Information [BBC Media Centre, via Matt Rosser on Twitter]

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