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21 October 2015


We put a lot – and I mean a lot – of material from the extensive Transdiffusion archives up on our YouTube channel.

One thing we’ve noticed of late is that we’ve been finding some great programming material in amongst the idents, start-up, clocks and closedowns – ranging from about 10 minutes all the way to full 45 minute programmes. There’s an analysis of 30 years of BBCtv News from 1984; Cliff Michelmore remembering a life in television in 1986 and Terry Wogan interviewing the big names from Radio 1’s 1967 launch in 1987, amongst a lot else.

But YouTube is generally for watching short clips – a quick fix of Anglia continuity and Thames idents and you’re off on your way. So we’ve collated all the feature-length programming and put it in a new website – Transdiffusion Television – so you can watch longer pieces when time allows, with =out hunting through the fragments on our existing YouTube channel. This is by way of an experiment, but we hope you like it and plan to expand the selection as time passes.

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