One BBC 

25 August 2015

It’s no rival to 1997’s Perfect Day (which was an advert for the BBC’s music output and a Children in Need/Comic Relief/general charity thing rather than a BBC-as-a-whole thing) but it is fantastic: a look at what the BBC was doing in the year 2000 based on the numbers generated by the organisation – 5 TV channels (One, Two, Choice, Knowledge, News 24), 5 radio stations, an already gigantic BBC Online, and the huge BBC World Service in something like 90 languages across almost 200 countries…

…and all for mere pennies an hour. Most of us literally spend more stuff we don’t care about or notice like hummus or quinoa or gravy each year than we spend on the BBC. But we seem to be happy to bitch it away, to be replaced by something less good that costs more. You remember: we bitched British Rail away. That worked. We’re currently bitching the NHS away, to predictable results. We’ve previously bitched our public water, electricity and gas supplies away, all replaced by things more grasping and hollow.

One day — not soon, but not that far away either — we’ll look back and wonder where Britain went. And then we’ll vote for parties that promise to bring Britain back while continuing to demolish it in front of our eyes.

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