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24 January 2014

Friday! Yay for Friday! Another busy week on them there interwebs, including lots of new Transdiffusion goodies you may have missed.


↓ From the GPO, here’s a look at what telecommunications will look like in the far-off days of the 1990s, as seen from the perspective of the 1960s.

→ Meanwhile, over on Spotify, we found a complete version of the IBA Engineering Announcements music that marked the childhoods of so many of us.

→ It’s part of our massive official Spotify playlist of broadcasting music of the last 90 years or so. You may not be able to dance to it, but it’s worth listening to!

↓ Back to the telephones. Here’s Irene Handl making cheap phone calls to her boys in Parkhurst, Dartmoor and the Scrubs.

↓ Loads of goodies on our Facebook page this week, including a TVTimes for Southern from August 1968


↓ And a complete TVTimes for the pan-north region in November 1966


You don’t have to be a member of Facebook, or even log-in, to see our galleries – they’re “public” ones, for your convenience.

↓ Over on Twitter, Russ spotted this very much forgotten computer game from the 1980s. Follow Russ on Twitter.


↓ At the same time, Marcus had a poke around the BBC and saw this wall of logos. Follow Marcus on Twitter


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