The Risk Business 

21 October 2013

Channel Four has seemingly come out fighting against its critics with their latest promotion for their channel with the tagline “We Were Born Risky…” and to highlight the statement they use various clips from the channel’s past illustrate this and also at the end of the promo the modern day Channel Four ident is placed inside a red triangle.

For most people, the red triangle this new promo harks back to the days when it was used to warn people if an upcoming programme had explicit sex, violence and profanity. But in this multi-channel age is Channel Four as risky as it would like to think it is?

Recently during their 80’s night, the channel had a retrospective documentary on The Tube, stating that it was ground breakingin many ways, though on closer inspection the story which was told was altered to fit the documentary itself. Focusing on the programme itself and what it did for the new channel was all well and good, however the style which the documentary was put forward as was more towards the entertaining side for viewers.

But that seemingly is Channel Four’s problem now, when something serious is made there is a nagging in the back of the mind tothink that is also done for entertainment such with different social documentaries ranging from the benefits system to modern sexual tastes without actually revealing anything significant.

The channel prides itself on its new drama and comedy which it has always done, but even this is struggling with the proliferation of panel shows and more other styles of entertainment suchas Alan Carr’s Chatty Man. Though from the channel which brought us ground breaking shows which defined television and helped it into the next age, plus also pioneered programmes for all range of tastes and groups.

Channel Four has tried to go its past in its modern approach, it has been reflective of itself but surely as the channel is moving beyond its teenager years long gone and looking towards middle age wondering what it wants to be. As has been said before”What is Channel Four for?” That is the key question it has to ask itself.

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