Is Chris Blumer the hardest working presenter in radio? Well maybe not… 

22 September 2010

Following on from my blog post Is Chris Blumer the Hardest Working Presenter in Radio, Bridge FM have been in touch and it turns out Chris Blumer isn’t actually as hard working as I portrayed him.

Apparently Chris actually presents Nation 7am – 11am, then NME from 11am-3pm. He does work on Bridge FM and Bay Radio but only on Sundays – 1-4pm on Bridge and 2-6pm on Bay.

Which I’m sure Chris is rather happy about because frankly the other schedule seemed insane – eight hours of broadcasting. And slapped wrists for me for using unreliable websites as a source for my blog post.

Unfortunately those unreliable sources just happen to be the official websites for…

Screenshot of the Nation Radio website showing Chris Blumer's show starting at 6am

…Nation Radio whose main promo shows Chris’s show starting at 6am…

Screenshot of the Bridge FM website showing Chris Blumer's show page

…Bridge FM whose presenter page for Chris proudly proclaims the show is weekdays, 11-3pm, and…

Screenshot of the Bay Radio website showing Chris Blumer's show page

…Bay Radio, which to be honest doesn’t say very much at all. Bless ’em.

All of which just goes to show the folly of basing a blog post on station websites. Well Town and Country Broadcasting’s station websites anyway…

(All screenshots were taken from the official Nation, Bay and Bridge websites on the morning this blog post was written.)

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Joseph Gallant 22 September 2010 at 8:31 pm

Here in the United States, radio broadcasters (especially Clear Channel) have come under fire for using “voicetracking”, in which an announcer tapes announcements that are then mixed with records on various radio stations, so it appears that the announcer is “local”.

Done via computers, inetrnet connections, and software, this process makes it appear that an announcer on a station in Portland, Oregon is live at that station’s studios when in reality, he or she could be in Philadelphia.

I’m beginning to think that Chris Blumer is doing something similar.

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