Lego Bowie doesn’t like the 6music changes 

19 April 2010

First it was 6music cupcakes, now it’s a Lego based music video. When 6music presenter Adam Buxton re-worked (or perhaps, lovingly hacked) David Bowie’s Changes to be about a much loved radio station rather than, well, whatever Bowie wrote it about, he might not have guessed that a rather talented listener would create a rather swanky video for it. But frankly, he probably did guess.

In fact there have been more than one – as in three. At least.

And this particular one that I spied on the old interweb this morning, courtesy of the 6music message boards, certainly doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve ever wondered what a Lego version of Bowie would look like (and lets be honest here, who hasn’t?) this is the video to watch.

(In case you’re wondering, the non-Lego Bowie is also opposed to the closure of the station.)

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