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5 April 2010 tbs.pm/1175

As you’ll have seen by now, there are some changes going on here at Transdiffusion, both front of house and round the back.

What you can see here in on the MediaBlog is the start of something new. Our shiny bright front-end (can you tell what it is yet?) also has some lovely new plumbing behind it. This has brought the ability to comment on posts and easily subscribe to feeds – simple, but much more useful. The new front-end is also fully compliant CSS and accessible, so if you use things to enhance your web experience like screen readers, Transdiffusion should be a lot easier to get around.

Scratch the surface and the old TBS pops up. It’s taken a couple of years to get where we are today, design-wise, and extending the new systems back through all 1000+ pages takes time (they all require plumbing in in different ways and the job is more boring than difficult). But the spread continues to happen, mainly thanks to the hard work of Andrew Bowden, who does this thankless task in his spare time. Well, we sometimes let him out to go fell walking, but, really, we don’t encourage it.

Casting around this page, you’ll see that TBS is to be divided into five: articles and features on television, radio and print being three of them and this blog being another. The fifth thing is the “archiving project“. I plan to make Kif Bowden-Smith write more about this later, but for now, visit the holding page for a rough view of what’s coming soon there (just as soon as we’ve had time to take a breath).

Look to your right – no, a bit further – and you’ll see that we’re linked up with Flickr and Twitter. Yes, social networking is here. Flickr, for those that don’t know, is a Yahoo!-owned photo-sharing site. You create your free log-in, which also comes with the awful Yahoo! Mail, and can upload a couple of hundred pictures, share them, add them to groups and so on. If you’ve got pictures of broadcasting stuff, why not upload them there for all to see? If you just like looking at photos of broadcasting stuff, you can do that too, without even signing up.

Twitter is the Marmite of social networking. Personally, I love it, so that’s why it’s on here. It might not be your thing, especially if you’ve read the articles (by Phil Space and exclusive to all newspapers) on how dull it all is. Well, it can be dull if you want it to be. Alternatively, it can be a lot of fun instead. If you follow @transdiffusion you’ll get news of updates and the occasional ‘retweet’ of other interesting stuff. You’ll also find the Twitter accounts of some TBS people, although they will be much less on-topic but possibly just as fun.

But the most important thing: new articles. These slowed to a virtual stop last year (although they’ve started to pick up again recently). The reason was a lack of staff and time, as simple as that. The new design was a time sink, clearly, but we also said goodbye to Editor-in-Chief Richard G Elen (although he’s still lurking around, mainly because we tied him to a chair to slow him down, so you’ve not heard the last of him). After a couple of years away, during which I moved house twice and got married so the time wasn’t entirely wasted, I’m pleased to announce the return of me. Back in the editorial chair (look, I’m typing this and everything!) and ready to start hitting the ‘publish’ button. If I can find it.

To those who emailed during the fallow period and heard nothing: sorry. We’re back now and whilst the usual address is still the spam trap for us it always was, it works. We’ll be looking at something like OTRS to make things more efficient there.

So, anyway, welcome (back) to Transdiffusion! You’re gonna love it.

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