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3 April 2010 tbs.pm/1174

If you’re reading this by a newsreader then you probably won’t notice any difference, however if you’re on the website itself you’ll probably notice that we’ve had the decorators in and the MediaBlog has a brand new look.

It’s the first stage of a revamp for the whole of the Transdiffusion site which we’ll be rolling out slowly but surely over the coming months.

We’ve also been making some technical changes to improve the site and add in some new functionality. Most noticeable is that we’ve (finally!) added the ability to comment on blog posts, and we’ll be adding this to articles to as the new look is spread out across the site.

As with any major redesign of a website, there may be a few problems here and there which will need ironing out, so if you spot anything amiss, do leave us a comment to let us know. And leave us a comment to let us what you think of the new look too!

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Paul 3 April 2010 at 5:51 pm

I like this new look! Looking fwd to it being across all of TBS

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