Awaiting stardom 

10 August 2009

Some MediaBlog readers might just remember something I posted nearly a year ago that attempted to explain the effects of the credit crunch, albeit in a somewhat unorthodox fashion.

Anyway, I mention this again because the puppet theatre responsible for that particular YouTube clip are at the time of writing featured on the front page of, so it now looks as if they are at least heading in the right direction in terms of turning a YouTube cult (and Edinburgh Fringe) success into something that has mass market appeal.

Of course finding a suitable mainstream outlet for falsetto sock puppets may nowadays be somewhat harder than, say, a singing competition featuring the likes of Simon Cowell, but that didn’t prove to be an obstacle for Jim Henson’s Muppets more than thirty years ago, despite facing similar odds after being rejected by all the major US networks.

The irony of the Muppet story is that they got adopted by Lew Grade’s ATV, which of course was an ITV franchise, but the problem nowadays is that the number of significant Channel 3 franchise owners has been whittled down to three (sorry Channel!), so if ITV plc in particular isn’t interested in sock puppets then they will have to go elsewhere.

Many acts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will probably remain in relative obscurity forever – and some things are best left on YouTube – but the number of genuine media opportunities for popular festival acts wanting to break into the mainstream has sadly decreased in recent times.

And not just because of the credit crunch.

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