Over-egging the pudding? 

23 April 2009 tbs.pm/1044

It’s not been long since the counter was started but already we’re heading for the sixth radio station to close.

Or so the Guardian would have us believe with its story that Zee Radio is to close.

Zee Radio is to close – can’t deny that – but there’s a slight element of over-exageration on the impact of this one. Zee is principally a DAB and Sky broadcast station. And as anyone with DAB or Sky knows, station closures on there are ten to a penny. Not really news.

Perhaps why the Guardian makes a big deal about it is because Zee broadcasts on 558 MW in London.

Between 7am and 1pm.

It’s part of Spectrum Radio – an interesting station that essentially rents out its broadcast time to various services. A curious muxture of American, Chinese, Somali, Tamil, Russian and Irish programming, amongst many others.

And Spectrum’s going nowhere. There’s no licences being handed back to Ofcom, not much to worry about. Just another digital radio station disappearing who happened to have an outlet on analogue.

Stand down people. Station six isn’t here yet.

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