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2 December 2008 tbs.pm/984

John Barrowman apologises for exposing himself on BBC Radio 1

I was going to start this blog entry with the words “You couldn’t make this up”, but after recent events that are all too obvious this seems fairly predictable given hindsight, namely someone getting into a small spot of bother for exposing themselves. On the radio. (And nothing was seen on the webcam either, just incase you’ve thought of that angle.)

If this develops into another ‘Sachsgate’, they could call it ‘Jackgate’. Or ‘Barrowgate’. Accompanied by the Daily Mail screaming: “Let’s ban nudity on the radio”.

Maybe not, but judging from the apologetic reaction emanating from the BBC on this occasion – including the withdrawal of the show from the iPlayer (the words “fruit and nuts” could have been bleeped out if they wanted to protect the ears of teenagers from being sullied with such filth) – the lessons of Sachsgate still haven’t been learnt yet.

Namely, how not to (over)react when confronted with a ‘crisis’.

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