Strictly Spineless 

23 November 2008

“Therefore the BBC has decided to offer refunds to any callers, who wish to claim one, who voted for John Sergeant and Kristina Rihanoff following the show transmitted on 15 November 2008”

So, it’s come to this. If you spent the grand total of 15p (other networks may vary) voting for John Sergeant on Strictly Come Dancing, you can get it back from the BBC.

It’s fairly obvious what has happened – “Oh no”, says the BBC, we’re not getting flak from this one – we want big positive headlines like “Sergeant was ‘loathed’ on ‘Strictly'” and “more than 2,000 complain over John Sergeant exit” instead.

So off the BBC goes to launch a massive refund programme to sort out the three or four people that will actually bother to claim it. I suppose in a way it’s quite clever – very few will exert the effort to reclaim their money and so the BBC will still have most of the phone call money in the bank.

But it’d have got a lot more respect from everyone if it had given it all to charity instead.

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