After it’s gone 

19 November 2008

BBC drops After You’ve Gone

Usually the news that the BBC had axed a sitcom after three series would perhaps go relatively unnoticed unless it was particularly well-loved, but this news comes merely two days after the announcement that the planned BBC Three series Phoo Action had been cancelled just days before the start of production, ostensibly due to quality issues.

Dare I suggest that certain groups of people within the BBC have now been suddenly hit by a panic attack in relation to what little money is left for programme commissioning? And was axing After You’ve Gone the best thing to do solely on the basis of slightly disappointing ratings for the last series and the existence of Coronation Street?

The timing and nature of both of these decisions does seem to be a little too close to write off as being mere coincidence, and heaven forbid the possibility that someone has been sloppy in quality control. One thing’s for certain – the BBC has to be careful as to how often it does this sort of thing otherwise it will be wasting precious money as a result.

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