I’m fed up of the news. 

30 October 2008 tbs.pm/967

Over the last couple of years I have steadily watched the quality of the BBC’s news offerings decline with worrying speed. Gone are the days when the winner of last night’s Talent Show might find its way into an “and finally”, these days it’s likely to be the headlines. About the only remotely good show left is Newsnight, and I really can’t be bothered to get my head round that every night.

So, I upped my reliance on BBC News Online. I used to be disgusted to find a spelling mistake or factual error there, and reported it forthwith, where someone would update the story and occasionally spew out an apologetic e-mail. Even so, finding an error was very rare, and happened maybe once a month. Now I see several a day, and no-one fixes them. I’ve stopped caring, let alone reporting them.

And as I write this, there are economy worries, floods, uprisings and a very important election coming up. What is the lead story on the BBC’s website? Jonathan Ross has been suspended. This news, which has apparently been worthy of full attention over all media this week was only pushed off its pedestal for a brief moment last night when David Tennant decided he wasn’t going to be playing a part in a TV show any more. This on the back of a summer of relentless nonsense where the BBC helped fan the flames of the collapsing global economy, much to my and many others dismay.

Now I don’t know where to turn. No-one else seems to have the breadth or depth of news as the BBC. No-one else has quite the same reputation. No-one has quite the same drive to be impartial, whether you believe the BBC manages this or not.

Perhaps being interested in current affairs is no longer important. Perhaps I should decide who I want to win X-Factor rather than the next election.

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