Why does the Guardian sell more copies at the BBC? 

28 October 2008 tbs.pm/960

Stephen’s post, They would say that, wouldn’t they? mentions that the branch of WH Smiths in the BBC’s Television Centre, sells, as a percentage of all papers sold, a disproportionate number of copies of The Guardian compared with the country overall.

Apparently I mentioned this once although for the life of me I don’t remember although it doesn’t surprise me if I did.

It reminded me of an age old gripe by many anti-BBC people that the BBC just recruited nothing but left wing people due to where it places job ads – namely in The Guardian.

Leaving aside the fact that the BBC now advertises all of its jobs via it’s jobs website, there’s always been a good reason why the BBC picked the Guardian and it’s probably the same reason why the paper has skewed sales figures in West 12. Monday’s Guardian is, of course, home to the best regarded media section in the British press.

On an apropos to nothing as well, it took me ages to work out why a newsagent not far from my house always had a very prominent stock of copies of Broadcast. Until I realised that down the road was a certain set of studios for The Bill.

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