GCap changes tack 

11 April 2008 tbs.pm/883

The first signs of new management ideas at GCap Media are slowly being revealed. Whilst the company is not yet part of Global Radio (the move has to be agreed by shareholders first), it would seem highly unlikely that the potential new owners would have not been consulted first on todays announcements.

Announced today is the decision of the company not to sell the Scotland and Manchester XFM stations – although the sale of the XFM South Wales will continue. Of course whether they stay as XFM branded stations in the long term is another question.

Another interesting u-turn is the decision to put on hold the sale of GCap’s share of DAB operator, Digital One. The suggestion from most media commentators is that Global have a more positive attitude towards GCap, which would explain the decision to hold on to the stake for the time being.

Still on the radar however is the disposal or closure of DAB station Planet Rock, whose closure was proposed until the end of April following takeover talks.

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