Resurrect the DJs, Resurrect the DJs! 

25 March 2008

It’s not even been a year since the change, but it seems XFM’s bold vision of an exciting world of giving listeners the power, and ditching it’s daytime presenters has been a resounding success!

So much so that today saw a new schedule with, yes you guessed it! A return of daytime presenters!

The listener comments on the move perhaps some up the stupidity of the decision in the first place, with the most succicent being from “Adam” who proudly proclaims “about f***ing time” although without the stars (rebel!)

Of course the twist is that this is happening on XFM London only – the other XFM stations are all continuining with the doomed strategy although given the non-London stations are still up for sale by owner Gcap Media and may indeed find themselves closed if no one buys, that’s probably not that surprising.

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