The GCap/DAB saga continues 

11 February 2008

The GCap/DAB story just keeps coming up with new twists as more articles get published. In an article about the economic viability of DAB on the Media Guardian website, there’s this comment:

In a damning indictment of the DAB platform, [Fru Hazlitt, GCap Chief Executive] said the sound quality offered by FM “compares favourably to any digital radio platform available to the consumer”.

Which cunningly hits on two of my major bug-bearers – one is the sound quality on DAB not being quite what it should be. The second is people who seem to think that the sound quality issue is the fault of the technology.

There is absolutely nothing in DAB (or for that matter, digital TV or DRM) which prevents stations from broadcasting with a higher audio quality. So why don’t they? Could it be something to do with the fact that it costs more money to do so?

GCap are now using every trick in the book to justify killing off their digital stations. And some are reasonable things to say. But senior industry executives putting on the record inaccurate views like this, can only do further damage to the short-term reputation of digital radio in the UK. It also helps detract from the very point that Fru Hazzlit is trying to make – making you wonder just what else in her analysis is flawed…

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