The Daily Mail and BBC bashing. 

27 January 2008

Every independent media commentator knows that the Daily Mail is a conservative newspaper with a well established line in BBC bashing. I have previously documented myself just how desperate the Daily Mail is to discredit the BBC at EVERY opportunity. But this is scraping through the bottom of the barrell, and trying to dig through the mud and slurry beneath it.

Someone at the Daily Mail noticed that several BBC correspondents are wearing jackets from The North Face. Apparently, the brand has been spotted at the World Economic Forum as sported by Economics Editor Evan Davis and Breakfast’s Business guru Declan Curry, as well as at several other locations.

Here’s what the TruthSeeker says. Who gives a damn what they are wearing! This has as much to do with the news as Emily Maitliss showing “too much leg”, and Katie Derham wearing a leather jacket, in other words, a whole load of NOTHING! What they wear has nothing, I repeat, N, O, T, H, I, N, G, nothing to do with the content of the newscast or report. The Daily Mail proves once again that their super-silly superficialness has blinded them to reality, and Paul Dacre, who is the Editor over there should take a long hard look, and remember to AVOID subjects like this one in his newspaper. He and his newspaper should be reporting the news, you know, like the political situation in Pakistan, or the US presidential election, not reducing his paper to reporting banal, uninteresting, boring, superficial material like this, which doesn’t even deserve to be called a news story.

When I was learning journalism, I learned that for a story to be regarded as NEWS, it had to be important; have a material impact on the audience in terms of their earnings or spending power or similar, provoke an emotional reaction. This did none of those in regards to the story. It provoked me into another rant at ANOTHER newspaper for reporting a non-news story. I want to read news, not trivia, in a newspaper. The trouble is the tabloids and the celebrity magazines all seem to think that news is reporting the most insignificant detail you can find about an origanisation or celebrity, and then blow it up into a massive headline on the front page, out of all proportion. I think it’s time some egos in the newspaper industry woke up to the reality of the world around us like the rest of us do, rather than staying cosied-up in their sanitized, politicised comfort zones.

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