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22 January 2008

Digital Spy: BBC Three unveils new look, new ethos

It’s been five years since the launch of BBC Three together with distinctive idents that feature ‘blob’ characters, and five years is a long time in the world of fast-paced ‘youth’ television hence a inevitable makeover was on the cards in order to keep up with both its target audience and the competition.

The blobs will say ‘Goodbye’ in a specially-commissioned set of idents, and BBC Three will get a makeover with a new pink logo and a set of arty idents that are presumably designed to ‘connect’ somehow with the youth market, though for some people the blobs were probably the most original content on the channel.

Some of the forthcoming new series sound rather interesting – who could not be intrigued by the prospect of a vampire, werewolf and ghost sharing a house – but unfortunately controller Danny Cohen has decided that “user-generated content” will now be a feature of the channel.

So-called “user-generated content” (hey, YouTube is popular with the kids so why don’t we show some cheap poor resolution video clips) has been the latest phrase bandied about amongst ‘meejatypes’ in recent times and has turned into a media industry excuse for having a lack of ideas (and budget).

Plus rather embarrassingly for Danny Cohen and BBC Three, the new schedule was announced on the same day as the closure of MTV Flux, a channel that relied upon – you’ve guessed it – user-generated content.

Will people ever learn?

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