Verity Lambert 1935-2007 

23 November 2007

Verity Lambert is best known to those of us who follow the media and media history as the original producer of Doctor Who from 1963 onwards. But she started her career at Granada, then went to ABC before joining the BBC in 1963.

She later produced for London Weekend Television before becoming Head of Drama at ABC’s successor, Thames Television. 1985 saw her creating her own company, Cinema Verity.

But to all Doctor Who fans, and to a lot of people around the world, she will be seen as the original producer of Doctor Who. In fact, in the recent revivial series, in an episode called Human Nature, the Doctor, under his human name of John Smith, refered to his parents by name. Sydney and Verity. She will forever be the mother who gave birth to Doctor Who, and steered it through it’s early years becoming a very popular and successful science fiction drama series.

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