Katie Couric, a coat, a cold night, and channeling Dan Rather! 

17 November 2007 tbs.pm/31

WTOP, the Washington DC all news radio station is reporting that Katie Couric has been caught on video channeling Dan Rather, when he spent half an hour discussing whether his coat should be open or closed, and his collar up or down.

The video is here, and from my expert eye, it looks like the camera is the one that was assigned to her by CBS. So, the video must have come from CBS News, or at least someone within CBS News.

Have to say though, having viewed the video, it does show Katie in a good light. She is light hearted, not over serious. It’s clear she enjoys her work and the team who work with her. They’re having fun during rehearsals and during the breaks in the live transmission.

I think leather gloves are very definitely Katie, and the leather boots she was wearing too. I wonder if gloves could be the new fashion trend for news anchors?!?!?

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