Ratings Review: BARB Week Ending 4th November 2007 

15 November 2007 tbs.pm/34

From a ratings standpoint, there are times when I question the strategy of having lots of channels doing similar things.

Take Discovery for instance.

Back in 1998, which is the earliest point that I can reference online, Discovery had 2 channels and a total share of around 1.3%.

Today, they have 14 channels, 5 of which are timeshift, and they have about a 1.2% share of viewing. Only slightly down, but still to the negative side.

More channels doesn’t just mean more time for adverts, but also more programmes are needed to fill the shcedule. And is it necessarily better to have all those revenue streams, if you don’t have so many viewers watching them all?

Another example, Cartoon Network.

Back in 1998, it had a 2.3% share of viewing. In today’s figures, it has about 0.7% between 5 channels on the ratings.

Sometimes, following the trends of others is a recipe for disaster.

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