Ratings Review: BARB Week Ending 28th October 2007 

8 November 2007 tbs.pm/37

There are not many big stories in this week’s ratings, so I thought I would look at the little stories that populate the ratings most weeks, but we tend not to touch on.

Diva is one story I have touched on previously, but only because since it launched, it had spectacularly failed to make any kind of impact, and had been a regular in the weekly hall of shame, but not this time. This week, it managed to achieve a new high of 266,000 viewers weekly reach. Congratulations Diva, for the first time since launch, you have escaped the weekly Hall Of Shame.

Dave is continuing to perform well, with a 1.2 share / 25.3 weekly reach, a total of just over 12 million viewers this week. It is obvious that Freeview carriage is helping Dave get a lot of viewers.

Setanta has yet to see a major increase in viewers, even though it did see a minor increase in viewership when the Premiership coverage began. At the moment, only Setanta Sports 1, Setanta Sports 2 and Setanta Golf are currently listed, and it seems that around 2 million viewers tune in every week. Whether the imminent arrival of Setanta Sports News will do anything to signifcantly increase that viewership, only time will tell.

Virgin 1 continues to show the impressive post-rebrand performance. This week’s 0.4 / 11.4 rating manages to bring almost 5.5 million viewers to the channel.

Worst performer this week, The Baby Channel with just 28,000 viewers. Best performer, ITV2 with a 1.8 / 32.0, with a total of just under 15.25 million viewers.

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