New channels being added to BARB figures 

3 November 2007

I regularly report on the ratings from BARB, and am always keeping an eye out for information about new channels launching. Well, the AGB Neilsen Media Research site reports on channels that are being added to the BARB ratings in the next couple of months.

Playhouse Disney Plus, which launched on the EPG earlier this week, has been added today, whilst on Monday, Paramount Comedy 2 +1 will be added to BARB. On Wednesday, the Sky Travel channels rebranding will be done, with MTV R being added the following day.

On the 29th November, the eagerly awaited Setanta Sports News will be added, with Sumo TV and SA Direct TV being added on the 1st December and Luxe TV UK on the 3rd December.

As soon as I find any more information on any of this, I will report back.

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