Will they never shut up? 

21 October 2007 tbs.pm/46

I know the MediaBlog usually concerns itself with the broadcast variety, but technically the media includes the press, so I’ll chance it.

It was hilarious listening to Trevor Kavanagh on Any Questions this week, rabbiting on as usual about those dastardly Eurocrats and how Brussels is the biggest threat to civilization since Berlin in the 1930s. According to him and his rag, the Government should have the balls to call a referendum so that we can give Europe the order of the boot.

Someone ought to remind Mr Kavanagh that the readers of his paper (not all of whom, incidentally, necessarily agree with Murdoch politics) constitute a minority of newspaper readers, and even more of a minority of the British electorate.

I’ve heard him interviewed previously on the radio, and his interviews usually have one thing in common. Mr Kavanagh goes on about what “Sun readers” want (as if he knows) and what they think. He no doubt thinks that in speaking on behalf of Sun readers he’s speaking on behalf of a grateful nation. He is not. He is his master’s voice, hoping that amidst all the furore we’ll forget that papers such as his, accountable to no one, fancy themselves to have an influence far beyond the reality.

I just wish that one of the other panellists had had the wit or gumption to tell him so, live on air, in front of a packed audience.

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