No improvement in UEFA Champions League radio coverage saga. 

3 October 2007

Yesterday, I reported on the shameful state of affairs in UEFA Champions League coverage on radio. How Five Live and Talksport both covered the Manchester United match yesterday, despite the fact there were 3 British teams in action.

Today, it’s no better. Five Live is covering the Valencia vs Chelsea match, and so is TalkSport. Once again, BOTH competing sports radio stations are airing the SAME match, with different commentators. WHY?

Sky TV viewers have a choice. Sky Sports 2 is showing Liverpool vs Marseille, Sky Sports Extra is showing Valencia vs Chelsea whilst Sky One has coverage of Celtic vs AC Milan. All three matches are being shown, and Five Live have the option of airing another match on FiveLive Sports Extra, but that channel is off air tonight.

Two stations covering the same match is not extending choice. TalkSport made a lot of noisde about being allowed to cover UEFA Champions League and other events where the rights were held by the EBU, which it considered a cartel.

TalkSport, you were not allowed your victory simply so you could squander it by covering the SAME match the BBC are covering.

This truly is a shameful state of affairs!

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