UEFA Champions League coverage on radio. Why the same match? 

2 October 2007 tbs.pm/62

Radio is my usual home for news, sport and music, although I watch TV news and ues the web too. Tonight, 3 British teams were involved in UEFA Champions League action. Television had them all covered. Manchester United vs Roma was on ITV1, Steaua Bucharest vs Arsenal was on ITV4, whilst Rangers vs Lyon was on Sky Sports 2.

Radio did not serve the listeneing public nearly as well. BBC Radio 5 Live had the Manchester United vs Roma match, as did TalkSport. Five Live Sports Extra was supposed to be on the air covering a Coca Cola Championship match, but was off air when I checked. TalkSport could have covered the Arsenal match, rather than Manchester United, and instead of a Championship match, perhaps 5 Live Sports Extra should have aired coverage of Rangers vs Lyon.

In this case, the poor radio listener had no choice about which match to listen to. Only 1 was available. Come on BBC and TalkSport. You CAN do better than this.

I’ll be noting what you guys will be covering tomorrow. 3 more British teams will be in action tomorrow night. Celtic will be hosting AC Milan. Liverpool will be hosting Marseille whilst Chelsea are away at Valencia. After tonight’s shameful performance, I don’t hold much hope for tomorrow night. Which one of those three will get covered by both Five Live and Talksport?

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