Media Octoberfest Day 2: Two new radio stations on DAB in Dublin 

2 October 2007

After yesterday’s busy day, there’s barely a moment to recover before Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports via its Media Network Weblog the launch of two new radio stations on DAB in Dublin. All 80s Digital Radio is pretty self explanatory and Mocha Digital Radio describes itself as “smooth hits with a kick”.

Two days, 4 TV channel launches, 2 radio station launches, one new morning drivetime radio show, one new television news bulletin, one news channel schedule refresh, one major rebranding and relaunch, and one microsite for an upcoming new business news channel. And there is still 29 days to go.

The countdown is on for the launch of Fox Business Network on the 15th October, which is the next major upcoming launch. New sevices on Sky Digital tend to get launched every Monday, which means we have 4 more Mondays worth of launches still to come. And of course, there is much more that we don’t yet know about.

Like I said yesterday, stay tuned!

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