Creative editing 

8 August 2007

Channel 4 accused of ‘distortion’

Not for the first time, we have a broadcaster using events out of sequence and out of context to create the impression it wanted.

The story is supposed to fit the facts, not the other way round.

Fortunately, there is a very simple remedy: whenever a broadcaster uses an excerpt from, say, a speech or interview, it should be required to publish on its web-site (or otherwise make available on demand) the speech or interview in full. That way, viewers can make their own minds up, and broadcasters will be more careful knowing that any creative editing will swiftly be exposed.

Write to Ofcom; write to the Government; start a petition on the No. 10 web-site. It is high time for those who bring the reputation of investigative reporting into disrepute to get the message: enough is enough.

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Liverpool, Friday 5 August 2022