The Necroblog 2006 

15 December 2006

Broadcasting figures who have left us this year – with a link to obituaries or information where available.

Commentary: A terrible year


John Woodnutt

Died 2 January

Television actor, The Avengers and Dr Who

The Independent obit

Raul Davila

Died 2 January

Puerto Rican actor and producer


John Bierman

Died 4 January

BBC reporter

Guardian Books

John Webster

Died 6 January

For mash get Smash

Brand Republic

Brendan Cauldwell

Died 12 January

RTE Repertory Company actor


Moira Shearer

Died 31 January

Ballerina and actress



Reuven Frank

Died 5 February

NBC News president

Kansas website

Alan Shalleck

Murdered 7 February

Writer and director

New York Times

Geordie Hormel

Died 12 February


Village Studios

Andreas Katsulas

Died 13 February

Star Trek baddie and Babylon 5 goodie

Official website

Lou Gish

Died 20 February


What’s On Stage

Bruce Hart

Died 21 February

Lyricist, Sesame Street

New York Times

Dennis Weaver

Died 24 February


Hollywood Reporter


Ilia Zimine (Russia)

Murdered 26 February




Annette von Aretin

Died 1 March

Announcer, Bayern Rundfunk


Bill Hays

Died 2 March

BBC and Thames TV director

Guardian Arts

RSF Jaime Arturo Olvera Bravo (Mexico)

Murdered 9 March

La Voz de Michoacán


RSF Ramiro Téllez Contreras (Mexico)

Murdered 10 March

Radio Exa 95.7



Muhsin Khudhairr (Iraq)

Murdered 13 March

Alef Ba


Bill Beutel

Died 18 March

WABC-TV anchorman


RSF Gustavo Rojas Gabalo (Colombia)

Murdered 20 March

Radio Panzemu


Lynne Perrie

Died 24 March

Controversial Corrie actress

BBC News

RSF Kamal Manahi Anbar (Iraq)

Murdered 26 March

Institute for War and Peace Reporting



RSF Jorge Aguirre (Venezuela)

Murdered 5 April

El Mundo


RSF Qussay Kahdba (Iraq)

Murdered 22 April

Radio Al Bilad


Jennifer Jayne

Died 23 April

ITC stalwart

IMDb entry

Harvey Bullock

Died 23 April

Producer, The Andy Griffith Show

Elma "Pem" Gardner Farnsworth

Died 27 April

Widow of Philo T



RSF Saoud Mazahem Al-Hadithi (Iraq)

Murdered 5 May

Al-Baghdadia TV


Lorne Saxberg

Died 6 May

CBC Newsworld presenter


RSF Mouazaz Baroud (Iraq)

Murdered 7 May

Al-Nahrain TV


Richard Carleton

Died 7 May

Channel Nine journalist


Val Guest

Died 10 May

Veteran ITC director


RSF Munir Sangi (Pakistan)

Died 29 May



RSF Paul Douglas (USA)

Murdered 29 May


RSF Robert Sterling

Died 30 May



RSF Ali Jaafar (Iraq)

Murdered 31 May

Al-Iraqiya TV



Allan Prior

Died 1 June

Z Cars writer

The Times

Robert Donner

Died 8 June

Mork and Mindy actor


Jabu Sithole

Died 15 June

SABC weatherman


Aaron Spelling

Died 23 June



RSF Ossama Qadeer (Iraq)

Murdered 29 June

Fox News



Jack Smith

Died 3 July

Presenter of You Asked for It on the DuMont Network

AP, via San Jose Mercury

Amzie Strickland

Died 5 July

American actor; you may remember her from… everything entry

Kasey Rogers

Died 6 July

Peyton Place and complete body transplant in Bewitched.

IMDb entry

Rudi Carrell

Died 7 July

Dutch-born German TV personality


Peter Hawkins

Died 8 July

Actor who created Dalek voice, plus originally Zippy

BBC Doctor Who site

Aaron Chwatt aka Red Buttons

Died 13 July

Oscar-winning movie actor who specialised in TV walk-ons

Tribute site

Senne Rouffaer

Died 14 July

Flemish actor famous for Kapitein Zeppos

De Standaard

RSFBenicio Wedeinge (Angola)

Murdered 16 July

Televisao Publica de Angola


David Maloney

Died 18 July

Doctor Who director and Blake’s 7 producer

BBC Doctor Who site

RSFArmando Pace (Philippines)

Murdered 18 July

DXDS Radio


Bob Simpson

Died 25 July

BBC war correspondent

BBC tribute

Hani Mohsin

Died 25 July

Malaysian Wheel of Fortune host

Malaysian National News Agency

Patrick Allen

Died 28 July

Protect and Survive

Cherished Television tribute


RSFAdel Naji Al Mansouri (Iraq)

Murdered 1 August

Al Alam TV


Kenneth Richmond

Died 3 August

Bang a gong

Belfast Telegraph [overpriced subscription required]

RSFMílton Fábian Sánchez

Murdered 9 August

Radio Yumbo Estéreo


Irving São Paulo

Died 10 August

Brazilian TV actor; probably died from complications resulting from AIDS but local media rarely reports this


Tony Jay

Died 13 August

Bit-part TV bad-guy

Wikipedia entry

Doug White

Died 15 August

WJAR Rhode Island’s news anchor

Boston Globe

RSFAtilano Segundo Pérez (Colombia)

Murdered 22 August

Radio Todelar


Lauren Crowner

Died 23 August

Up-coming reporter and anchor for WCMH in Ohio

WCMH4 tribute

David Plowright

Died 24 August

One of the reasons we’re here

The Times

Joseph Stefano

Died 25 August

Co-creator of The Outer Limits

Fansite interview

Michael Vestey

Died 26 August

BBC reporter who became a critic

The Telegraph


Charlie Williams

Died 2 September

A golden shot

Black Presence website

Steve Irwin

Died 4 September

Television personality and zoo owner

Oddly non-updated official website for the zoo

John Conte

Died 4 September

Burns and Allen actor who founded KMIR-Palm Springs

New York Times

Hilary Mason

Died 5 September

Gladys in BBCtv’s Maid Marian and her Merry Men but more terrifying elsewhere

The Times

Anne Gregg

Died 5 September

Ulster Television announcer etc

BBC News Northern Ireland

RSFMohammed Taha

Murdered 6 September

Journalist in Sudan

Disturbing article from the Sudan Tribune

John Drummond

Died 6 September

Former controller, BBC Radio 3

Surprisingly limited BBC News report

Don Lunn

Died 6 September

Breakfast DJ thought revolutionary by Australians

The Age

Joan Donaldson

Died 7 September

Founded CBC Newsworld channel


RSF Eduardo Maas Bol

Murdered 9 September

Radio Punto


Peter Ling

Died 14 September

Co-created Compact and, less forgivably, Crossroads

The Noele Gordon/Crossroads Appreciation Society (no, really)

RSFOgulsapar Muradova (Turkmenistan)

Beaten to death 14 September

Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty


Raymond Baxter

Died 15 September

Science voice

Austin-Rover fan site

RSFAhmed Riyad Al-Karbouli (Iraq)

Murdered 18 September

Baghdad TV


Ralph Story

Died 26 September

Presenter of the much-imitated The $64,000 Question for CBS

IMDb entry


Tom Bell

Died 4 October

Actor, No Trams to Lime Street

IMDb entry

Jenny Moss

Died 5 October

Actor, Coronation Street

Wigan News

RSF Azad Mohammed Hassan (Iraq)

Murdered 10 October

Dar Al Salam TV


Jerry Belson

Died 10 October

Writer, The Dick van Dyke Show

ABC News

RSF Abderrahim Nasrallah Al Shumari (Iraq)

Murdered 12 October

Al Shaabiya TV


RSF Nawfal Al Shumari (Iraq)

Murdered 12 October

Al Shaabiya TV


RSF Raid Qais Al Shammari (Iraq)

Murdered 13 October

Radio Sawt Al Irak


Herbert Leonard

Died 14 October

Creator, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Naked City

The San Jose Mercury

Derek Bond

Died 15 October

Presenter, Picture Parade

The Times

Ross Davidson

Died 16 October

Actor, EastEnders

The Independent

RSF Ali Halil (Iraq)

Murdered 16 October

Al Iraqiya TV


Christopher Glenn

Died 17 October

Journalist, CBS Radio

CBS News

Jane Wyatt

Died 20 October

Mother of Mr Spock

Marxist Thought Online

Paul Walters

Died 21 October

BBC Radio producer

BBC Press Office

Peter Barkworth

Died 21 October

Actor, The Avengers, Doctor Who et al

Loose Cannon’s Hall Of Fame

Brian Brolly

Died 28 October

Co-founder, Classic FM and Jazz FM

The Stage

Nigel Kneale

Died 29 October

Sci-fi genius


William Franklyn

Died 31 October

Schhh… You Know Who

The Independent


Wally Foreman

Died 2 November

Presenter, Grandstand on ABC Radio


RSFAhmed Al Rachid (Iraq)

Murdered 3 November

Al-Sharkiya TV


Ed Bradley

Died 9 November

Journalist, 60 Minutes on CBS

CBS News

Diana Coupland

Died 10 November

Actor,Bless This House

BBC News

Belinda Emmett

Died 11 November

Actor, Home and Away

RSFMohammed Al Ban (Iraq)

Murdered 13 November

Al Sharkiya TV


John Hallam

Died 13 or 14 November

Actor, Doctor Who, the BBC’s Chronicles of Narnia et al

IMDb entry

Roger Bolton

Died 18 November

General Secretary of BECTU


RSF Walid Hassan (Iraq)

Murdered 20 November

Comedian and satirist


Nick Clarke

Died 23 November

BBC Radio 4 journalist

BBC News

‘Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman

Died 27 November

Radio presenter (nay legend)

BBC News

Larry Henderson

Died 27 November

Journalist, CBC’s The National

Broadcasting History Canada

RSF Adolfo Sánchez Guzmán (Mexico)

Murdered 30 November

Televisa Veracruz Xhora Ori Stereo


A Terrible Year

Here in Europe we are, by and large, lucky. If you choose to put pen to paper, face to lens or voice to air and expose your government for lying or corruption, the worst that will happen is poor attempts at intimidation. Few journalists – and these days even bloggers – have escaped without sinister phone calls and threatening emails from over-excited forgotten party hacks with strange axes to grind.

But criticism of ruling parties elsewhere can land you in prison – as 137 journalists, 3 assistants and 59 bloggers found last year.

For 77 other journalist and 32 other assistants, the consequences of criticism – or even of just being thought to not be on the right side – were more serious.

For those men and women, the result of speaking up on TV, online or in print was for their partners, parents or children to be called to identify their remains at the morgue.

In some places, disagreeing (or not agreeing loudly enough) with big business can land you on a slab. In the UK, a Transdiffusion editor can attest, disagreeing with a major privatised railway infrastructure company can get your windscreen put in. Elsewhere, disagreeing with corporations – household names, you added to their profits in the last 24 hours even unwittingly – puts an end to your life.

Freedom of speech is a right, not a privilege. And daily we rely on others to exercise that right on our behalf. Armed with only a pen, a microphone or a camera, journalists the world over ensure that all our voices remain heard.

Reporters sans Frontieres is an organisation that seeks to remind the world that the pen isn’t always mightier than the sword – but we must never stop trying to make it so.

Become a supporter ofRSF today and make sure your voice is always heard. Thank you.

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