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9 August 2005

Google Earth software for Windows.

Probably not all that relevant here, but bear with me.

This excellent free program from the guys at Google is an amazing thing on general principles. The ability to fly around the world (and just the country) looking at the top of things is an excellent way of wasting otherwise valuable hours of your short life.

For instance, a tour around London gets this familiar image:

White City as seen from Google Earth

Alternatively, in the (regrettably few) areas Google Earth has 100% detail, you can look for more obscure things – and make them even more obscure by viewing them from an angle most people have never thought of.

For instance, whilst Television Centre may be pretty obvious, how many people could identify this broadcasting location?

Another broadcasting location as seen from Google Earth

This is so obscure, I can’t even tell which building is the one I’m interested in. But then, in this day and age of bland, homogonised ITV, I’d wonder if the staff of Anglia Television would be able to find their own building even from ground level.

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