I don’t want to set the world on fire 

1 July 2005 tbs.pm/382

You know, it’s an odd world.

You write an article the dares criticise the lovely and fragrant Ms Tessa Jowell, stupid cow in chief of the broadcasting world, and you immediate set the internet on fire. Emails, letters to public forums and general abuse in all directions.

What is it about “New” Labour that means they can’t take the slightest bit of criticism? I know pols are a pretty egotistical bunch, convinced of their own rightness even when everybody else is convinced otherwise, but this Labour habit of screaming abuse and falling all over anyone who isn’t 100% behind “the project” really should stop.

If nothing else, it puts people off Labour and thus hastens the day when the truly, truly awful Tories will be back in power.

However, for the purposes of a good and open debate: Blair is a congenital liar; Brown is an arch-privatiser; Darling is too foolish to be a minister; Jowell is a stupid cow; Reid is a hypocrite; Kelly is frightening; Clarke is a fascist; Hewitt is clueless; Johnson is precious; Blunkett is a corrupt philanderer; Hoon is a moron; Milliband is a robot disguised as a human; and McCartney’s knuckles drag on the ground. [Note: common abuse is not libel]

Fire up the barbecue, boys.

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