The Story of Granada 

26 June 2005

ITV50 website on “The Story of ITV”

Well, who won? From tonight’s “Story of ITV”, you get the only possible answer: Granada.

You see, there were several companies, back in the old days. Associated Rediffusion in London: they were there on opening night and were never heard of again.

ATV: they made ITC’s entertainment programmes and Sunday Night at the London Paladium.

ABC: They also existed, and may be had the Midland contract? That seems the best place to fit them, anyway. Don’t know what they made.

And there was, and is, Granada. They made everything else. You name it, Granada made it. Granada, in fact, was ITV. Anything Granada didn’t make was made by ATV. But really it was all Granada – perhaps partly due to their massive northern region that they didn’t at all share.

Isn’t ITV history simple?

Or maybe it’s the researcher, who asked me lots of useful questions, but couldn’t quite convince the writer to put any of the answers in.

By the way, the truly, truly useless hurried redubbing of the date of the general election – MARVELLOUS. ITV, summed up.

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