5 May 2005 tbs.pm/421

So. It’s election night, and it’s time to see what’s happening on the TV.

Firstly, the BBC. Their studio is lovely. Much nicer than ITV’s rather dull, blue effort. Except for Michael Portillo’s tie. But then I’d have thought Portillo would be on the BBC, as he has been all campaign…

Plus the director on ITV is a little mad it seems, as they are unable to keep a camera still, and are far too busy swinging them about. It looks very ridiculous, and very amateur, so I’ll turn back to the BBC, if you don’t mind.

Over on the BBC, Peter Snow is busy showing off his graphics as usual. I do like the use of the virtual studio at election time, but they use a lot of odd camera angles, so we get a picture of his legs with a bar infront of it. Top marks for showing the information, none for style.

I do like the graphics on the BBC as well – I’ve liked them all through the campaign. The standard BBC News 24 box is covered up by a count of the votes in so far, and it’s all very clean, but extremely colourful.

Taking a quick look over at BBC Parliament gives a view of what our Scottish friends are watching, of which there’s very little I can say apart from that it looks like a slightly modified Newsnight set, which would make sense.

I can’t see Wales’ coverage, or that of Sky News, so I’m afraid I can’t comment further!

But so far, the BBC gets my vote for a bright, airy, colourful and most of all REAL set and clean, uncluttered graphics. A nice touch too – the regions – or at least North West – are opting out on the graphics occasionally to give us their own news from our region. A lovely touch.

One point to note – the exit poll this year was done for both BBC and ITN. Very curious…

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