An important anniversary 

1 April 2005

This morning is the right time to remember an important event in BBC history.

21 years ago today, the famous Television Centre disaster happened. As everyone knows, during the recording of a “Top of the Pops” Easter special, a council steamroller, engaged in resurfacing the road outside of the complex, crashed through the wall of Studio 4 at TVC in London, killing two of Pan’s People.

We’ve all since become familiar with the clip – from endless showings on “It’ll Be Alright On The Night” and from many of the Christmas Tapes prepared by the VT department.

In the middle of a detailed routine accompanying the song “Tie A Yellow Ribbon”, the steamroller crashed through the wall, interrupting the routine and permanently ending the careers of two of the dancers.

Fortunately for lovers of music and interperative dance, the remaining artists of Pan’s People reformed as “Legs & Co”, thus providing us with many more years of intricate routines before the coming of pop videos rendered them redundant. Who amongst us can forget Legs & Co’s brilliant interpretation of “William, It Was Really Nothing” by The Smiths, after all?

So, if you’re passing Television Centre before noon today, remember to drop in to reception and pay your respects at the Pan’s People Memorial – a bronze cast of the steamroller by Epstein – which is located to the left of the reception desk.

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