A series of unfortunate occurances 

23 March 2005 tbs.pm/443

Logofreetv.org is a worthwhile cause: few if any of us like those on-screen logos that destroy the picture and burn a pattern into our TV screens.

It’s a shame, therefore, that such a good campaign should be ruined by the organisation’s directors being so heavily involved in – and so ready to promote – their other site, an anti-BBC website that displays no grasp at all about the issues involved and is obsessed with “saving” us each a little over £100 a year by scrapping the licence fee.

Would privitising the BBC put an end to the on-screen logo horror we endure? No, it would do the opposite, opening the field to anyone who wants to blight the picture with their logo, all because the only quality TV we have in the UK would be abolished along with the licence.

One hesitates to call the people at Logofree.tv hypocrites, as it’s most likely they either haven’t thought through their position (either that or their campaign against logos is a front – a terrible idea), but you do have to wonder what is on their minds as the simultaneously call for the end of both DOGs and quality TV.

A campaign to avoid, unfortunately.

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