“…and now we’re so desparate, we’ll give anything a go.” 

5 August 2004 tbs.pm/561

ITV’s Block flops in ratings

“Obviously, it was not what we would have hoped for the launch episode, but there are certainly not any alarm bells ringing at the moment. The next couple of weeks will be crucial”

This was the quote from ITV1 after reality TV show “The Block”, which had been a hit in Austraila, achieved a miserable 2.6m, or 12% share for them between the 9-10pm peak on Tuesday.

Not any alarm bells ringing? Perhaps they should be reminded of the high-profile axing of “Judgement Day”, the Saturday night gameshow axed last year after just two programmes. This recieved 3.3m viewers which, incidentally, had almost double the share achieved by last night’s failure. Then again, perhaps that’s what “The next couple of weeks will be crucial” means.

Surely this just shows how desparate ITV are for viewers. With the massive 1000 audience on the ITV News Channel on Tuesday night, a share of 1.2% of just the three UK news channels at the time, it just shows what a rut they are in.

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