Mr. Murdoch comes to Ireland 

10 May 2004

Tonight, Sky News launched a new twice-nightly news bulletin for Ireland, called Sky News Ireland. For 30 minutes at 7pm and 10pm each weeknight, the Murdoch empire takes its first footsteps into programming in the Republic (its been taking Sky Digital subscriptions from us for years!) and treads softly. Viewers in the UK can see Sky News Ireland through the interactive menus on Sky Digital.

So, first impressions are favourable; no newswall (plus point), one female anchor in Grainne Seoige (ex TV3), decent reports, bar one twee story about where George W Bush is to stay when visiting Ireland in a few weeks and a weather bulletin from a Dublin rooftop. Bland and safe.

Will it change much in the current TV landscape in Ireland? It depends what way Sky News want to use their live news centre in Dublin. If its just for two bulletins a night, then no change for the established RTÉ and TV3. But if breaking news is covered in depth, opting out of Sky News’ London feed, then that will lead to a major shake-up. RTÉ will have to compete, its the only one that can.

Sky may have caused a little ripple in the Irish news waters, but will waves come soon?

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