Rooted out, and chucked out 

26 March 2004

Rooted Out

Chucked Out

Well the reign of Jane Root, controller of BBC2, seems to soon be over, at least if the above article is to be believed. Apparently she is off to Discovery in the US, to which you can roughly see the logic of, given some of BBC2’s output.

More of an issue to the humble observer though, is who will take her place. Roly Keating, BBC4’s boss seems a likely candidate, along with a couple of external appointments. But with Stuart Murphy sure to be resigning from BBC3 soon, if he keeps to his promise that he would leave the channel when he was 35, he will need to be put in charge of something. But after BBC3’s amazing ratings performances, would the BBC really want him in charge of their second channel?

To be honest, I don’t know who will take over, and I’ve never been much good at speculation, so I’ll stop trying.

In other news, Greg Dyke was sacked by the BBC. Looks a nice, new, fresh article from the headline and blurb, but in fact it seems to be the same material rewritten so that Greg can get a bit of free publicity for his book. Well I never.

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