Freeview to be more popular than Sky? 

24 March 2004

Freeview could outstrip Sky by 2007

So the free-to-air digital replacement for analogue that will soon be built into most new TV’s, will, apparently become more popular than a subscription service?

What were the chances of that happening?

Perhaps the only surprise is that someone actually thinks its achievable by 2007 – and with a prediction that 87% of households will have got digital by 2008.

For if you believe the so called digital refusniks, people won’t stand for it! The indignant majority will prevent analogue dying! But with over half the population having digital already, the refusniks might want to start assessing the reality of the situation – they’re fighting a loosing battle. With set top box prices plummeting, going digital has never been easier, and people are paying and installing.

Whether 10m households in total will have Freeview by 2007 remains to be seen. Many people have made incorrect predictions in the past and the estimates for people who claim they will be sticking with analogue vary depending on who you believe. But people should be under no doubt – the nation is going digital at a steady rate, and that’s even without the looming threat of an imminent analogue switch-off.

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