Sky Entertainment Section Reshuffle 

12 March 2004

At long last, we are going to see some long awaited streamlining of the Entertainment section of the Sky Digital EPG. The huge gap between 152 and 181 was always a problem and now Digital Spy have confirmed the section will undergo a reshuffle on March 23rd. This reshuffle will work well for S4C who move upto 151, E4 who get 163, ITV2 who get 175 and Ftn who get 199.

However, the reshuffle might not work so well for the channels who have decided they are not going to move. Hallmark are staying at 190, Fashion TV are staying at 220, and then we have Classics TV at 247, FX at 289 and Sky Vegas Live at 295, none of which are trading up and so are standing out on their own outside the ‘end’ of the section which is Hollywood TV at 232. Now for FX, their reasoning is obvious. They promote their channel as FX289 so any change of position on the EPG would mean a complete change of channel name for the promotions, something they have had to do once already to go from FX to FX289, and that’s expensive. The other two channels outside the ‘end’ seem to be hoping that by standing out on their own, they might get more audience, but that might not work.

What these EPG chnges do for the viewing figures of these channels, well, we will just have to wait and see.

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