The best defence is offence 

11 March 2004

DCMS starts S4C Review

Television is the plant forever being plucked out of the ground to examine its roots. But S4C, despite difficult birth pangs, has so far escaped the hell that is “independent” reviews commissioned by HM Government.

Most of these reviews return exactly what the government wants to hear; and the results are generally so impractical as to be easy to dismiss and thus leave the status quo, but give the broadcasters a warning to toe the government line for awhile.

It’s called democracy, by the way, in case you were wondering.

So S4C has gone on the offensive, asking the grim Culcha mob to review them now, before they do anything to attract attention to themselves (S4C was created in 1982 and promptly forgotten about by each successive government. Oh but for that luck).

British television is the least worst in the world. S4C is the least worst television in the UK. I hope this strategy works.

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