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25 February 2004 tbs.pm/680

MPs back campaign to save ITV Nottingham

Unfortunately I feel that the MP’s involved in trying to persuade ITV plc to back down from doing this might as well throw in the towel. Indeed in the not too distant future I predict that ITV in England will solely consist of large studios in London and Manchester along with tiny offices and small news studios serving the ‘regional outposts’, with independent production companies producing the remainder of the programming from ‘leased’ studios.

Don’t believe me? Already we have the likes of Endemol producing new series such as 24 Hour Quiz, and with regional production now at an all time low many ITV studios will either be trying to rent their space to independent companies (like they do already) or sit there unused and unloved (just like most of Meridian’s soon-to-close Northam base).

At some point I predict that programming such as Trisha will move from Norwich to London simply because there will be no purely economic incentive to keep it there and it would be easier to obtain guests from London than transport them to East Anglia. You have been warned.

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