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5 February 2004 tbs.pm/697

News 24 does the Job

Well, it seems that the News 24 rebrand has done some good – for two out of the last four weeks it has had greater viewing figures than Sky News. I hope that this isn’t just fallout from the revamp, and the last two weeks are not those that Sky has won. The revamp is brilliant – I don’t know if the content has changed that much, but it does seem that breaking news is covered, and often in depth, with analyst after analyst being wheeled in to give their opinion, which to me works very well. The channel is less stale during breaking news now.

One thing that has interested me in the article linked to above is the line, “While BBC News 24 still has a long way to go to beat Sky in terms of credibility within the media industry”. BBC News isn’t credible? Just shows they don’t watch it then…

The only other thing that worries me is more people watched Sky rather than News 24 over the Hutton period last week. Considering that the BBC coverage was extremely impartial, only faltering once, it’s a real pity that people didn’t watch it. I doubt Sky were that objective. Channel 4 certainly weren’t.

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