All the colours of darkness 

28 January 2004

Reuters ‘short’ on the resignation of Gavyn Davies

The main news story here is not that Gavyn Davies has resigned, but that the Chairmanship of the BBC is in the gift of the Prime Minister.

Mr Blair now has two real options.

If he is truly a socialist or social democratic politician as he claims, then the next Chairman will be someone of weight and proven independence who seeks to bolster the public service ethos of the BBC.

If Mr Blair is the type of politician he acts, then the next Chairman will be a Doctor Richard Beeching or a Sir Ian MacGregor – someone sent in to oversee the dissolution of a venerated and popular corporation in the name of ideology.

Of course, Mr Blair is full of surprises. He may turn out to do neither, and the next Chairman could be Stephen Hopkins Carter or David Currie… of OfCom.

Then we’re all in the swamp together.

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