BBC’s Hutton ‘Google AdWords’ buying spree 

26 January 2004

Media Grauniad story

The Grauniad’s well-known and much, much regretted rabid anti-BBC stance (made worse because it is evidently all from a biased view that the BBC is a ‘competitor’ to GMG’s media operations) makes the rest of the world wonder about this story.

True? False? True, but not with this particularly damaging and hateful spin on it (as per the Guardian’s unfortunate usual line)?

Or simply good business sense on behalf of BBCi? Now that’s a story – but not one that the poor Guardian would want to tell, it seems.

And when the BBC has gone, Mr Rusbridger, will the world be the better, fairer, more socially aware place your newspaper wants? Or just more convenient for Emily Bell’s next job?

I ask merely for information.

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